Ecotourism is Expanding in Dominica
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Ecotourism is Expanding in Dominica

30 September 2019

Tourism in the Caribbean region is expected to grow by up to 5% this year, estimates the Dominican Tourism Minister, Robert Tonge. Last Thursday, the Commonwealth of Dominica marked two years since category five hurricane Maria wreaked havoc across the island, yet it healed remarkably fast, with visitor arrivals higher than pre-Maria levels.

This was due to a government nation-wide policy of building climate resilience and investing in ecotourism, supported financially by international partners and foreign investors who went on to become economic citizens of Dominica.

Dominica was able to start post-hurricane recovery immediately thanks to the financial reserves it had built up from its Citizenship by Investment (CBI) Program, says a recent relevant report. Speaking at a recent industry event, Minister Tonge noted that other factors contributing to Dominica's tourism expansion were the increasing awareness of the island, absorbing more investment into sustainable tourism and the construction of several luxury resorts and hotels.

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